About 3D Sci-fi Movie Maker

About 3D Sci-fi Movie Maker

3D Sci-fi Movie maker is a real time rendering studio, capable of impoting 3DS model files for animation and 3D scene development.

There are many types of effects to choose from in order to create many kinds of animated sequences.

Once you have made an animation, you can then write it to an AVI which will be compatible with a whole host of video editing packages, including Microsoft Movie Maker, where you will be able to add sound and music to it.

The first button will reset the scene, and create a new project.

The next button will open the main control pannel.

The key shaped button will open the pannel that deals with setting keyframes. you can edit the models position and rotations from here and create an animated sequence.

The camera icon opens the camera movement window. this can either set the movement of the camera to a manual movement in conjuction with the mouse, or will increment the movement presicely in conjuction with the keyframes

The next button will open a colour palette for changing the background colour.

The remaining buttons are self explanitery.

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